LIPSTICK ON A PIG (South Africa)

Posted by Gilmour Poincaree on December 5, 2008

28 November 2008

by Lance Greyling, MP ID chief whip


The letter by the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Donald Lee, “Voting on racial lines” (November 21), attempts to portray the Independent Democrats (ID) as a “coloured party”. This is an old tactic by the DA to dismiss the ID, play the race card and sow division – so much for the rebranding of the DA and a supposed change of style.

Research conducted by Markinor shows the ID has the most diverse support base of any party in SA and that the DA has far more white voters than the ID has coloured voters. The research, conducted earlier this year, shows the ID’s support among coloureds is about 40%, but for the DA nearly 60% of its support comes from whites. Twenty-six percent of the ID’s support is black, while for the DA only 11% of its support is black. About 29% of the ID’s support comes from white South Africans.

What makes the DA’s recent attempt to trick the SA public still more laughable and disgraceful is a brief look at how Helen Zille and the white leaders of the DA have systematically sidelined coloureds and blacks when it comes to appointing anyone into a position of power in the DA.

About 75% of their MPs are white, their leader is white, their parliamentary leader is white, their CEO is white and eight of their nine provincial leaders are white. Perhaps someone needs to remind them that we, white South Africans, only constitute 9% of the population and that we need to deal with the issues of transformation and diversity.

In contrast, the ID’s leadership is far more inclusive and reflective of the demographics of our country. And the many white people in the ID, myself included, understand and are committed to transformation, as opposed to the DA which wants all those who suffered under apartheid to forget or “transcend” the past.

We cannot talk about equal opportunity without taking into account the hundreds of years of oppression and underdevelopment of the majority of our people.

The ID’s vision and message has always been one of bridging the divides in SA and we have specifically chosen not to mobilise people along the lines of racial divisions.

This is in stark contrast to the DA which specifically sought to fuel racial fears in the Cape Town local elections, where one radio station even refused to play its advertisement as it was deemed to be racially offensive.

The DA’s rebranding, to paraphrase US president-elect Barack Obama, amounts to nothing more than lipstick on a pig.



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