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Posted by Gilmour Poincaree on November 8, 2008

November 08 2008

by Fred Hubner

For reasons of my peculiar upbringing (details undisclosed by law) I became somewhat of a loner since my pre-teens. As a teenager, being a very young loner who didn’t have a motorcycle; a buggy; an ATV; daddy’s car in the weekend; a bloody surf board (which I acquired later on … but that’s another story); a gorgeous home with the bluest of the bluest of the hugest swimming pool and all that wasn’t as bad as most would figure, in fact, it was fun. So, back in the earlier 70s, I didn’t really have many options but bumming around at the sea side; fishing in the Pacific (once caught a scorpion fish, scarry little fckr … oozing out its freckled and deadly poison all over the place), visiting Scripps’ acquarium; eventual cinema; riding my chopper styled bicycle; school events (but always desperately avoided on even thinking of getting involved in any sport activity), watching the classics on tv … and best of all, wandering in the prairies … well, La Jolla’s prairies aren’t really prairies … not being as dry. So, bumming around La Jolla’s prairies was certainly my favourite leisure time activity. I watched live, in loco, from a close distance, things that can be seen in Nature videos. I really enjoyed chasing daylight coyotes with my bicycle; poking and poking those little tank-look-alikes better known as horned toads; chasing light-brown little foxes (and I swear, these devilish creatures are far more inteligent than any human being); patiently watching, from a safe short distance, a gila monster slowly strolling in full confidence; teasing rattlesnakes and capturing the non-poisonous ophidians … those were really great days. But there was this very special day, something like a magical moment in which I got suspended from reality and didn’t notice it ’til I snapped out of it. Out of the blue swooped in a low flying huge bald headed eagle. I felt totally entranced, hypnotized … whatever … I just had to come as close as possible to such incredible creature. Pumped my bike, and managed to tag along sideways from about six feet away. The world disappeared. And there we were … me, my bike, Baldy and nothing else … I could almost touch it. Suddenly that wonderful animal turned its head and looked at me as if it were concerned. That kind of look snapped me out of such dream like real life event. So I stopped my bike and started wondering, what could it be concerned about !!!? … As I took my last glance at that living national symbol of ours, now, already, a few hundred feet away … I noticed that I had stopped 30 feet short of the border of this very deep cliff.

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